The Best CV Extraction Tool for Recruitment Agencies

As a recruitment agency, a well curated candidate database may be one of your biggest assets, and there's no better way to create one than with a CV extraction tool.
June 5, 2022
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The Best CV Extraction Tool for Recruitment Agencies
The Best CV Extraction Tool for Recruitment Agencies

If you don’t currently use resume parsing software to streamline recruitment, you’re already a few steps behind your competitors. Luckily, once you find the best CV extraction tool to suit your organisation, installation and implementation don’t take long.

Who Can Benefit From Using A CV Extraction Tool?

Any company that receives resumes can benefit from using a CV extraction tool.  Job boards, recruiters, and even internal HR and recruitment teams commonly use resume parsers to simplify the hiring process. Connecting  a resume extraction tool to your applicant tracking system leads to a seamless workflow and countless hours of saved time.

Think about how much time you spend reading through resumes and figuring out who best matches the criteria. A CV parser can filter through information in mere seconds, categorising resume data for easier reading and comparison.

What To Look For In A CV Extraction Tool for Recruitment Agencies

Doesn’t Use Templates

A large number of resume parsing software companies use templates to define and sort data. Templates rely on resumes being in a certain format, for example, full name at the top, followed by personal statement, and then previous jobs.

What’s the issue with this? Everyone writes and formats their CVs differently. What if the person put their name on the right of the page rather than the left? Many template-based CV parsing options couldn’t cope with such a simple change. That’s why you need to look for an option that doesn’t rely on templates to parse the data.

The Latest Machine Learning

So, what do the best CV extraction tools use instead of templates? The better options are those which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to continually adapt and improve. This type of resume parser can extract data from all CV formats and even make sense of the most creatively worded resumes.

The latest technology uses deep learning models to provide a much more accurate data extraction process.

Simple Integration

All of the best CV extraction tools are built with a REST API, a widely used application programming interface. This is what allows resume parsers to be integrated with other applications, such as your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Numerous Categories for Data

There is far more data contained in CVs than just past work experience and personal information. The right resume extractor can refine the data to sort it into more categories. Some useful ones are skills, average job length, past companies worked for, qualifications, and more. The more categories, the more useful the tool will be in your recruitment process.

What Is The Best CV Extraction Tool for Recruitment Agencies?

Affinda currently offers the best CV extraction tool on the market. It meets all of the above criteria, but that’s not the only reason it’s the best resume parser for recruitment agencies. When going head-to-head with our competitors, our CV parsing software continually beats others in accuracy. Efficient AI modules allow us to provide this service at very reasonable rates, nearly half the price of our competition!

One of the best things about Affinda is that we are a newer company that focuses on tech. Instead of being one of the giant resume parsing companies with legacy software, our AI models are on the cutting edge of technology. This is fantastic for our clients, as when they sign up with us, they are getting the latest, most advanced algorithms to gain even more accurate data.

Plus, our recent entry into the market also means that we are a more agile and flexible company, willing to adapt our software to unique use cases. If you have specific requirements, we are the go-to provider of custom CV extraction technology.

Interested? Give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly team. The best part? You’ll be talking with a technical expert, not just a sales rep.

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