Everything You Need to Know About AI Resume Screening for Hiring Agencies

What is AI Resume Screening, and why do you need it? What are the benefits, and is it worth it for your hiring agency? Here are your answers.
July 3, 2022
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With AI resume screening, hiring is a completely different ball game.
With AI resume screening, hiring is a completely different ball game.

With talent acquisition becoming more challenging than ever, many hiring agencies are turning to the power of artificial intelligence for a better chance of a successful hire. Agencies not using AI screening in their processes are falling behind those using cutting-edge software to provide top-quality services to their clients.

How AI Improves Resume Screening

AI technology has made significant progress in recent years. Deep learning models enable resume parsers to not only process candidate information but do so more accurately over time. AI learns from its own mistakes, categorising data more accurately as it processes more resumes.

The best resume screening tools also feature NLP (natural language processing) functionality. This helps the software to understand the semantics behind what is written on a CV. This comprehension of the way people speak allows the automated resume software to read and categorise information in the same way a human would.

The Benefits of AI Resume Screening

Save Time

At a hiring agency, hours and hours of time each week is spent manually reading through CVs to find the most qualified candidates to present to hiring managers. But did you know that adding just one AI tool into your processes can dramatically speed up candidate screening? Automated resume screening software can save you hours spent on each recruitment process.

Better Hiring Outcomes

When you pass job candidates on to your clients, are you confident that these people are truly the best fit for the position? Using recruiting software makes it easier than ever to match candidates against the job description, resulting in a higher chance of a successful hiring process. When you find the right candidate for a client, they are more likely to come back to you next time they need to fill a position.

Optimised Database

Do you ever wish that you could just look up the specific skills of each applicant? What about easily seeing the past job titles of candidates? With AI resume screening processes, you can now do exactly that! When all the information on candidates is  organised into relevant fields, it’s simple to find the information you’re looking for. Information on skills, experience, time in roles, job titles, and more will all be at your fingertips.


Do you currently find it challenging to organise the information in your talent pool? By connecting an AI resume screening tool to your applicant tracking system, it’s easier than ever to find candidate data. Never again let an excellent candidate slip through your fingers, as you’ll always be able to pull information from past applicants as well as find details on current candidates and pass these on to your clients.

Reduce Costs

One of the most significant costs for hiring agencies is the time it takes to read through job applications. By using automated AI processing tools, you can slash the amount of time you spend on candidate screening, saving your company hundreds of dollars spent on each recruitment process.

AI based resume screening tools can transform your workflow.

The Best AI Resume Screening Tool

If you’re going to invest in software to improve your hiring processes, you may as well go straight for the best. Affinda offers one of the most effective, accurate, and easy-to-use AI resume screening tools on the market today. At a surprisingly affordable price, you can extract, categorise, and access candidate data to help you detect the best candidates to pass on to your clients. Contact us today to find out more about our resume matching software.

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