The Ultimate Guide to PDF Invoice Data Extraction

By using a PDF invoice data extraction tool, you can save time, boost productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.
March 26, 2022
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The Ultimate Guide to PDF Invoice Data Extraction
The Ultimate Guide to PDF Invoice Data Extraction

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As an operations manager, there are countless ways to save time and money in your organisation. However, you have to ensure that you’re not compromising on quality or customer service in the process. One great way to save time while boosting productivity and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is by using a PDF invoice data extraction tool.

What A PDF Invoice Data Extractor Can Do

If you have lots of online and paper invoices waiting for manual processing, a PDF invoice data extraction tool can eliminate this task. Instead of manually entering line items onto an Excel spreadsheet, Google sheet, or into your accounting software, let Affinda’s automated extraction tool do it all for you.

The software works by taking a digital or scanned PDF document and using invoice OCR technology (optical character recognition) to read and extract the relevant data. This can be used on any invoice format as it will automatically adjust to correctly categorise the PDF data. Processing invoices has never been so simple with relevant categories such as invoice number, date, PO number, and more!

Why Implement a PDF Invoice Data Extraction Tool

If you’ve been trying to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) techniques to find extra time in the day for your staff, we have the solution for you. Implementing a PDF invoice data extraction tool is an excellent idea for enterprises looking for ways to save both time and money. Here’s why your enterprise could benefit from using one:

Reduce Error

Manual data entry is not a good use of your staff's time. Not only is this a tedious task to ask one of your staff members to complete, but it’s also prone to human error. If you’ve been staring at spreadsheets and typing out numbers all day, it’s easy to accidentally make a typo.

A decimal in the wrong place can quickly throw an organisation into chaos. By using extracted data instead, you can be confident in the accuracy of your numbers.

Increase Productivity

A surefire way to boost productivity in your enterprise is by using a PDF invoice data extraction tool. Say it takes someone 5 minutes per invoice to enter this data in a spreadsheet, and you get 100 supplier invoices per week. That’s 8.3 hours per week spent on data entry. By using technology to perform this process instead, you’ll get an entire workday back for your staff! Imagine how much more other work they’ll now be able to complete.

How to Implement A PDF Invoice Data Extraction Tool

Implementing Affinda’s invoice processing technology is simple if you have a developer in your company. Apply for an API and they can use this to integrate the tool with your existing accounting system. They’ll gain SDKs in Python, .NET, nodeJS, and Java so they can implement it however they choose to.

Once integrated, all you’ll need to do is upload your scanned invoices or PDF documents.  Using text extraction, the software returns the relevant data sorted into neat categories.

What’s The Best PDF Invoice Data Extraction Tool?

Say goodbye to manually processing invoices and hello to Affinda’s data extraction tool. Turn unstructured documents into structured data that your accounts payable software can understand. You can even process a scanned pdf file.

We have worked hard on the deep-learning algorithm used in this industry-leading software. Affinda’s invoice parser has attained extremely high levels of accuracy.  Whether you’re parsing from an invoice template or a completely unstructured document, the output is fully reliable.With simple monthly pricing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how little it can cost to use this software and save your staff hours of time. This scalable solution is currently being used worldwide by small businesses all the way through to enterprise-level organisations. Contact us today to discuss how an invoice parser can benefit your company.

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