Upgrade Your Bullhorn Experience with AI

The Bullhorn That You Know. Only Better.

Keep the familiar Bullhorn interface that you know and love and make it more precise, more efficient, and more useful for your recruitment team.​ Stay within a single platform and simplify your workflow.

Improved resume parsing

Introduce a powerful AI engine to your resume extracting process. Get detailed, precise, and accurate data from all your candidate resumes.​

Better candidate/job matching

Generate truly informative lists of the best candidates for any job. Use AI to present you with the necessary data to make the right choice.​

Boost your ​efficiency​

Precise data collection and accurate candidate screening means faster workflow with less effort.​

Help your recruiters excel​

​Free your recruiters from menial tasks and faulty data. Allow them to do what they do best with less effort.​

Increase your scalability​

​Place more candidates faster and free up more resources for upgrading your business.​

Where Affinda really stood out head and shoulders above the others is in their level of support and attention to the customer.

Scott S
Verified Review

Seamless integration, no training or onboarding required

Set up is easy and tailored to your needs. Simply introduce us to your process and we'll configure Affinda to make your work easier without disrupting your workflow. Just let us know what actions your recruiters need to take, what fields you need and how want your candidates segmented.​

Add records

Add candidates & jobs via Affinda, or use Affinda to update records added through Bullhorn​

Sync changes

Changes to records within Bullhorn are automatically synced with the Affinda platform​

Boost your search

Our intuitive Search tool seamlessly embedded in the Candidate or Job view​

Take action

Make better informed decisions when viewing and shortlisting your candidates ​

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Affinda’s technology allows recruiters to spend more time placing candidates, and less time updating records and searching through your candidate database.