Resume Parser: Jaam Automation integrates AI with their RPA software for automation of a client’s recruitment processes

Resume Parser: Jaam Automation integrates AI with their RPA software for automation of a client’s recruitment processes

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"After we integrated Affinda’s AI Resume Parser into our existing software, our client was able to successfully automate their recruitment processes, improving efficiency and speed while reducing manual labour and associated costs. What made our experience even more remarkable was the proactive involvement of Affinda's team, who were always one step ahead in customising their technology to satisfy our unique needs.” Anton Du Toit - Head of Customer Success and Co-Founder at Jaam Automation.

About Jaam Automation

Jaam Automation (Jaam), a global company specialising in robotic process automation (RPA) software, supports businesses across five continents in automating their processes, successfully completing over 100 projects and executing more than 3.1 million automation transactions. By utilising automation, Jaam Automation increase efficiency and effectiveness in companies, departments and individuals and are dedicated to fostering a company’s growth.

The Challenge

Jaam Automation was working with a large multinational manufacturing client. With a workforce of over 67,000 employees, the client sought out Jaam Automation’s expertise not only for business process automation, but also for improving their recruitment process. This included the need for a solution capable of scanning, classifying, extracting, and reviewing CV data before feeding it into SAP SuccessFactors. To meet these requirements, Jaam Automation needed to integrate with a third-party resume parser provider that could customise their solution to suit Jaam’s clients’ specific business needs.

Jaam Automation’s Business Requirements

  • A reliable and accurate resume parser
  • A customisable resume parser that can be integrated with Jaam’s clients’ existing software
  • The ability for the resume parser to have a downstream integration into SAP SuccessFactors
  • Excellent customer support for assistance with any integration requirements

The Solution

To satisfy the needs of their client, Jaam Automation integrated with Affinda’s AI Resume Parser, with a customised Nintex K2 cloud application. Jaam provided their client with a solution that enables the upload, data extraction and review of employee CVs before sending the data downstream into SAP SuccessFactors. Furthermore, the integration with Affinda allows Jaam to enhance their service offerings to both current and prospective clients due to the addition of a new selection of AI tools, like the resume parser, resume redactor, job description interpreter, and the search and match tool.

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